We offer a range of services and are happy to put together a care package suitable for the particular needs of your dog:


Group Walking

Our philosophy is to give dogs what they really want, which is to be around other dogs. Dogs instinctively love to socialize with one another. Our group walks combine lots of walking for exercise and always a limited number of companions for your dog to play with. For reasons of both safety and fun, we never walk more than four dogs at any given time. We also pair your dog with other dogs of similar age and health. On returning home from their hour walk, your dog will be dried, have their paws cleaned and be given fresh water.


Private Walking

A private walk suits dogs that may be unable to accompany us on a group walk due to behavioral issues, illness or old age. We understand the importance of having some free time outside the house to be both physically and mentally active. When providing your dog with a private walk, we will also be happy to follow any instructions you might have. This may include trips to the vet, going to the park, etc.


Pet Sitting

We know it can be lonely for dogs when owners are at work. If you are out of the home for several hours, we can visit your dog once or twice a day. Our goal is to minimize canine stress by offering reliable and consistent care. We will provide them with food, fresh water, access to the outdoors to use the toilet and playful interaction to keep them entertained. In addition, we will water your plants, bring in the mail and take out the trash.
Although your puppy may not be house trained or strong enough to go out on long walks, they still require exercise and lots of attention while you are away from the home. We work with your puppy to help them grow and become healthy, happy and social dogs.


Dog Boarding

For business or leisure travelers who want only the best for their dog! You will have complete peace of mind away from home by leaving your pet in the caring hands of Urban Paw Prints. Unlike kennels, where animals may be confined to cages and exposed to potential health risks, our boarding service provides your dog full run of a pet-friendly environment. We provide a fun and social environment for your dog, but still ensure your dog is showered with one-on-one attention. During their stay, your dog receives 3 walks per day in Greenwich Park or the local area. You will even receive daily email updates on the status of your pet, containing photos and videos of your dog enjoying their own little holiday with us!
You will need to drop off and pickup your dog. We recommend booking a pet taxi service if we are not within walking distance or if you do not have a car. We ask that you bring all of your pet’s personal belongings, such as toys, treats, food and bedding. These are things that he/she is already comfortable with. All dogs must be housebroken or use wee pads.


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