The 7 Most Important Questions To Ask When Choosing a Pet Care Service

There are many dog walkers and pet sitters throughout the south east London area.  Urban Paw Prints is always ready to welcome you as a new client, but if you choose another provider we want to be sure you still have excellent care for your pets.  Having been in the business since 2009, we’ve had a lot of time to learn the ropes.  This is only a short list of the most important questions to ask when choosing a pet care service:

1.  What accountability measures are in place for caretakers?

2.  Who will take care of my pets if or when my caretaker is not available?

3.  Has a background check been completed on your caretaker and what are the results?

4.  How do I schedule and pay for service?

5.  How will you keep me updated about my pet’s experience?

6.  Is the company insured?

7.  Your gut: can you meet your caretaker in person, and when you do, do they have a solid knowledge base and love for animals?


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